Over recent months we have seen sufficient scientific evidence regarding the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus through close contact and droplets and it has also been proven that masks can protect wearers from infections transmitted in this way..

Type IIR surgical mask EN 14683: 2019

Respiratory masks in the FFP2 protection class, which are type-2 sanitary masks, are made up of 3 layers of non-woven fabric (TNT) with different functions.

  • External TNT layer manufactured using Spunbond technology with hydrophobic treatment: this layer gives the mask mechanical resistance.
  • Intermediate TNT layer manufactured using Meltblown technology: this layer acts as a filter.
  • Internal TNT layer manufactured using Spunbond technology: this layer protects the face, preventing direct contact with the intermediate filter layer.

The fabric used for this type of mask (TNT) is firstly treated with an “antiviral and water-repellent” product and has GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.

Generally speaking, a type-2 mask should be worn for a maximum of 6-8 hours.


The masks are produced in 12 different colors.
Color: Light blue
Code: 201
Pharmacode: 7779794  
Color: White
Code: 203
Pharmacode: 7779795
Color: Cobalt blue
Code: 204
Pharmacode: 7783921  
Color: Green flag
Code: 205
Pharmacode: 7783284
Color: Black
Code: 206
Pharmacode: 7783280
Color: Yellow
Code: 207
Pharmacode: 7783281
Color: Fuxia
Code: 208
Pharmacode: 7783282
Color: Red
Code: 209
Pharmacode: 7783283
Color: Orange
Code: 210
Pharmacode: 7783922  
Color: Turquoise
Code: 211
Pharmacode: 7783923
Color: Bordeaux
Code: 212
Pharmacode: 7783924
Color: Acid green
Code: 213
Pharmacode: 7793561
Color: Sand
Code: 217
Pharmacode: 7793562
Color: Pied de poule
Code: 216

Color: Leopard
Code: 219

Color: Gold
Code: 215
Pharmacode: 7783285