FFP2 NR FACE MASKS in 7 colors

Our certification number: EPT 0477.PPE.21 / 4489

Ragazzo con maschera FFP2 TImask

Eurofins Product Testing Italy S.r.l. (certifying body) declares: this personal protective equipment meets the essential health and safety requirements indicated by Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and the applicable points of the following standard:



Certificato 4489 TImask

EU Examination Certificate
EPT 0477.PPE.21/4489

Dichiarazione di conformita firmata mascherine TImask

Declaration of conformity

Certificato 4490

EU Examination Certificate
EPT 0477.PPE.21/4490

Modo d' uso mascherine FFP2 TImask firmato

User manual


TImask Suisse Sagl Cert-13485

Certificate of Registration
NQA ISO 13485

The FFP2 NR face masks, personal protective device, are made up of 5 layers, two of which are filtering. They protect against solid particles (dust, viruses, bacteria) and aqueous or oily aerosols.

Colors of the FFP2 NR FACE MASKS

Mascherina FFP2 NR TImask White


Codice: 30200
Pharmacode pcs. 20: 7807847

Mascherina FFP2 NR TImask Black-Gray


Codice: 30202
Pharmacode pcs. 20: 7807848

Mascherina FFP2 NR TImask Blue Navy


Codice: 30201
Pharmacode pcs. 20: 7807849

Mascherina FFP2 NR TImask Red


Codice: 30203
Pharmacode pcs. 20: 7807850

Mascherina FFP2 NR TImask Pink


Codice: 30204
Pharmacode pcs. 20: 7807851

Mascherine FFP2 NR TImask Flower


Codice: 30205
Pharmacode pcs. 20: 7807852

Mascherine FFP2 NR TImask Camuflage


Codice: 30206
Pharmacode pcs. 20: 7807853

Packs of FFP2 NR TImasck masks